We provide 24/7 care by board-certified
intensivists through telemedicine technology.


I have been involved in cardiovascular surgery for 6 years, anesthesiology for 5 years, and emergency medicine and intensive care for 4 years after graduating from a medical university.
There were opportunities to participate with physicians in various fields through surgery anesthesia and emergency and intensive care, and I strongly felt they had in-depth knowledge of each medical field.

I, as an emergency physician and a board-certified intensivist, came to an idea that it is my mission to help more seriously ill patient become well and healthy again.
I met several emergency physicians and intensivists with the same thought, and we made this company.

With the spread of tele-ICU, I'm sure we could effectively utilize few intensivists' knowledge, reduce burden of bedside physicians who are not specialists of intensive care, rectify the regional unfairness in medical care, and much more seriously ill patients are saved.

We passionately promote this project to achieve the society like above.