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We provide 24/7 care by board-certified intensivists through telemedicine technology.

Business DescriptionAbout tele-ICU

  • Current circumstance of intensive care
    Intensivists are insufficient throughout the country, and many of them are at large scale hospitals.
    Therefore, physicians at small to middle scale hospitals have to take charge of seriously ill patients even though they are not specialists of intensive care.
  • the significance of ICU management by intensivists
    It has been proven by overseas research that there was reduction in mortality, length of hospital stay and medical expenses when intensivists managed ICU.
    It is suggested arranging ICU specialized physicians is effective for improving prognosis as well in Japan.

    JAMA. 2002;288:2151-2162

  • What tele-ICU is
    It is possible to get patients' laboratory data and vital sign outside a hospital through ICT (Information and Communication Technology).
    We support bedside physicians in charge of seriously ill patients using this technology, and it is called tele-ICU.
  • Data on tele-ICU
    Data from overseas research shows there was reduction in mortality, length of hospital stay and complications by adopting tele-ICU.

    Arch Intern Med. 2011;171(6):498-506
    JAMA. 2011;305(21):2175-2183

We provide you continuous and specialist care through tele-ICU.

Corporate Profile

Our policy

We contribute to society through emergency and intensive care.
We provide opportunity to receive the same quality of intensive care at any place whether an intensivist is present or not.
We support physicians and nurses who need intensivists’ assist, reduce their stress at work, and save more seriously ill patients.

Company Name T-ICU Co., Ltd
Head Office 659-0024
Hyogo Ashiya-shi Nangucho 1-13-1003
CEO Tomoyuki Nakanishi
Business Overview Operation of tele-ICU

Message from CEO

I have been involved in cardiovascular surgery for 6 years,
anesthesiology for 5 years, and emergency medicine and intensive care for 4 years after graduating from a medical university.
There were opportunities to participate with physicians in various fields through surgery anesthesia and emergency and intensive care,
and I strongly felt they had in-depth knowledge of each medical field.

I, as an emergency physician and a board-certified intensivist, came to an idea that it is my mission to help more seriously ill patient become well and healthy again.
I met several emergency physicians and intensivists with the same thought, and we made this company.

With the spread of tele-ICU, I'm sure we could effectively utilize few intensivists' knowledge,
reduce burden of bedside physicians who are not specialists of intensive care, rectify the regional unfairness in medical care, and much more seriously ill patients are saved.

We passionately promote this project to achieve the society like above.

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